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My Top 3 Favorite Products

Everything you ever wanted to know all in one place! Available on Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, or Apple. Download extra copies of the “Insiders Tips” Appendices

Meet Calm Caterpillars – teach young children emotion regulation and executive function skills. Perfect for preschools and families. Includes distance learning lessons, as well!

The ultimate resource! Over 70 pages of activities, games, and worksheets to make distance learning therapy go smoothly! Includes social skills, conversations, emotion understanding, and executive function skills.

My Top 3 Favorite Posts

The No-Schedule Schedule – ideas for how to manage social distancing with bigger kids

6 Strategies to help you Survive Distance Learning – learn tips to survive distance learning

I just received my child’s diagnosis, now what?? – where to start when you’re feeling so completely overwhelmed!

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