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Thanks for checking out The Behavior Buzz! I am a therapist who has been working with children with autism and other behavioral difficulties for over 20 years.

I realize that people may come here for a wide variety of reasons, and I’ve tried to write my posts in a way to help you whether you:

  • are the parent of a child with special needs looking for strategies for teaching your child, managing their behavior, or getting through every day tasks while meeting their needs
  • are the parent of a young child and are looking for developmentally appropriate activities or ways to manage their behaviors
  • are a teacher who works with children with special needs looking for new ideas for your classroom

Although posts may focus on a classroom strategy or a common struggle for parents, they almost always also include information on how to adapt the information for a range of children or situation. In all cases, the information and resources posted here, on The Behavior Buzz, are always strategies and techniques I’ve personally used in my clinical work and found to be effective for a range of families, teachers, therapists, and other professionals.

I hope as you read through the posts and check out the links on The Behavior Buzz pages, that you also find information that helps you! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact me and let me know what kind of posts and resources you’d like to see! I’m always happy to write a post or share a tip that meets your needs!

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The Behavior Buzz’s General Supports for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists

These are all The Behavior Buzz posts focused on general supports, which include includes reward systems, understanding behavior, visual supports, organizational strategies, and other supports to help you structure the environment and understand your child!

The Behavior Buzz’s Social/Emotional Skills

The Behavior Buzz posts in this section address conversational skills, play skills, emotion understanding and relaxation strategies, friendship skills, flexibility, handling mistakes, and many other interaction related skills.

The Behavior Buzz’s Academic Skills

This section of The Behavior Buzz focuses on academic skills, and includes strategies to teach colors, phonemic awareness, math, and other classroom types of skills.

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Alphabetical List

Find a complete listing of all of The Behavior Buzz posts, sorted in alphabetical order by their concepts. Check out everything my blog has to offer!

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This is the place to start if you want to collect as much FREE stuff as possible. All of The Behavior Buzz freebies are located here, with titles that make it super easy to know they have FREE stuff inside! I also have links to some of The Behavior Buzz products here, but those are clearly marked as “product” posts rather than “FREE”, so you’ll know what’s in each post!

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